It’s your Modern Day Psychic—Courtney.

Hi free spirit! 

Majority of the world don’t use their psychic powers. A bigger majority don’t even know they have psychic powers! I’m on a calling to change that.

I help women tap into their psychic abilities and make their spirit team their besties... and among others, be modern day psychics.

Okay but first, I know what you’re imagining right now. My look shouts a bohemian gypsy goddess with a huge crystal ball and a matching fog machine aka gateway to the future. Oh and don’t forget them beaming neon signs. You feel me?

Well that's the picture a lot of people paint when they hear the word “psychic”. But I’m going to challenge you this one time to free your mind. Experience the “MODERN DAY PSYCHIC”.

My tools? WIFI, ENERGY, CRYSTALS, and SPIRIT! And don’t forget COFFEE. No crystal ball or ouija board necessary.

I do the majority of my work through genuine conversations. We hop on a call, I clear energy, prescribe crystals, and teach you to come out of your spiritual closet. The modern way. All while doing the deep transformational work.

We do it anytime, anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this alone. Spirit and I will be your sidekick every hiccup, every roadblock, every heartbreak. along the way.

And we’re not going to let you settle for anything less than the Universe’s big mission for you.

You ready?

you ready?


“I think it’s so telling to see how many lives you’ve changed. You’re basically a LIVING ANGEL”

Client love

My journey from...

All of that was enough for me to awaken. my. gifts.

So I did what I had to do. I practiced my healing gifts on a Psychic Network and exposed myself to people who are on the same path.

And that’s when my magic exploded like wildfire.

Since then, I incorporated Social Work into my craft and helped over a thousand women light up their connection with spirit.

Oh and my biggest flex? I realized that the closure and peace I get to offer someone is something that just doesn’t have a price tag.

And you know what, if I’m gonna be extra honest about it—spirit has been tapping me all along, just waiting for me to take action.

And I’m glad I did.

Free. Connected. Spiritually conscious.

“You’re crazy for not using your gifts.”

This was the sentence that changed my entire life.

I knew I was gifted at a very young age. But for the most part, I felt isolated, curious, and stuck not knowing what to do with all the messages coming through.

What followed was me shutting them down, having quite the journey as a publicist, working in Hollywood and letting life get in the way.

But I knew I was meant for MORE. I knew I had to be out there giving back, making a difference, and using my spiritual gifts to heal people.

Lost. Misunderstood. Confused.

As seen in . . . 

Orange chocolate - I’m obsessed.

My favorite treat after a long day of coaching calls:

I’m kicking you in the butt because you’ve got this, girl.

An expression you’ll probably hear me say 76X during our session:


My favorite crystal:

I Lived by One Republic

My big SPIRIT energy anthem:

My Faves

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We all have psychic abilities! From a simple “gut instinct” to seeing what happens in the future, your natural gifts are just there waiting to be honed, for yourself and those around you!

But first things first free spirit, let’s find out the gifts you already have and snag this workbook to make the most of your abilities!

Tap into your psychic abilities.  Make spirit team your besties.

Meet others who are walking the same spiritual journey.

Here’s to all women who are ready to trust themselves, make sense of their gifts, and be modern day psychics.

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