Do you want to feel . . . 




spiritually conscious

Get a grip, sis.

We’ll be making progress. I want to transform you into a Modern Day Psychic (yep, you read that right).

Truth be told: you have psychic abilities and you might not know it. Right now they’re covered in fear, anxiety, worries, trauma, loss. Enter relationship and career clutters, I won’t blame you for wanting spiritual stability (we all do!).

But then life gets in the way and we forget that we have these powers we’ve always known we’ve had.

And you know what, I don’t blame you for wanting to shut these gifts down for the longest time…

But you know you cannot hide them any longer…

And it’s time to use them for the benefit of yourself and those around you...

Buckle up girl, ‘cause it’s time to choose your calling. You ready?


You eat instinct for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And midnight snack even
You have a PhD in “I wanna make sense of my gifts” from “But Maybe Next Time” University

You don’t know what to do with the messages coming through so you go the easy route and shut. them. down.
You wanna up your personal, career, and relationship game through spirit but have no idea how
You simply need answers and a trusted source who GETS it

Tell me if this sounds like you?

And trust me when I say, I’m here to help you make sense of it.

I know you’re the woman who experienced premunition after premunition or said “I knew that was gonna happen” about 6 times today.

Look, I know this because I was once YOU.

You gain an instant BFF aka spirit

You build confidence and a higher sense of self

You feel understood, supported, and heard

You now trust yourself to receive messages and deliver them to others

You catch yourself using your superpowers to improve all aspects of your life

*drumroll please*

Here’s what YOU look like after embracing the Modern Day Psychic method...


"I can totally tell the difference between people who claim to have this gift and those who don’t and you’re so genuine"

Client love

✓ Weekly Guided Lessons
✓ Awakening Assignments that allow you to deeply connect with your psychic abilities
✓ Weekly calls where I coach you the deepest transformation possible
✓ Access into our exclusive Facebook community where you will receive daily love and support from Soul Sisters

What's included:

Connecting you to a small group of women who are energetically looking to align themselves and become full-fledged modern day psychics, we will work together on coaching calls to talk all things psychic work, mediumship, crystals, owning your energetic space, and using your abilities to improve every life aspect.

This 6-week intensive group program pulls you out of your spiritual closet and into (finally) making friends with your guides. 

Modern Day Psychic School

✓ Lifetime access to exclusive online course library
✓ 40+ pre-recorded video lessons
✓ Access to our Private Facebook Group
✓ 3 premium workbook bonuses
• Crystals for your Love Life
• Crystal Therapy Business
• Resources Vault

What's included:

Applying the secret sauce I’ve used for over 10 years in my crystal healing journey, you will be learning the rock-solid blueprint that will help you master your intuitive gifts and harness the power of crystal healing.

This program is for free spirits, bossbabes, crystal newbies or junkies, and ambitious souls who want to effectively work with crystals to their advantage

Crystal Clear Academy

✓ All the crystals you need for your transformation
✓ Voxer access for in between session support
✓ 6 months of high level mentorship (12 sessions)
✓ Voxer access for in between session support
✓ Access to all of Courtney’s programs
✓ Bonus welcome box with all of the spiritual tools you need for your journey

What's included:

High level mentorship using my very own method - mediumship, crystal therapy, energy medicine and spiritual psychology. Together they work magic.This is for the woman who’s looking to uplevel in her personal and business space. Spirit and I are ready to take on a challenge with you and create serious magic in your life.

1:1 Coaching / VIP Breakthrough Days

1:1 Coaching


I've recently connected with Courtney and my God has she ever done wonders for me!! She's not only lifted my spirits, given me hope, but she totally transformed the energy in my life. Things have happened that are unimaginable and it's all thanks to her. I'm so thankful for Courtney, crystals, and her guides. 10 out 10!!!!


I connected with Courtney’s energy right away! She is straight to the point but gentle. Like a older sister/best friend type energy. She is extremely gifted and so easy to talk to. It’s like talking to your best friend who has lots of insights.


Game changer, everyone!! Courtney has not only helped guide me personally with “present” issues that have been all consuming, but is helping my daughter with deeply needed healing. She goes that extra mile, out of her way - she knows where the healing is required.


“Thank you for helping me transform. Thank you for holding my hand and guiding me in the right direction. I value your thoughts and advice so much. I feel the shift and I feels SO damn good. You are a blessing in so many ways”


“I hope you realize how important your work is, Courtney. I owe you the world. Thank you! Thank you for helping me step into my most authentic life. I can’t even!!”

Client love

This is your chance to go from “Is this even real?” to “I AM SO READY to use my gift for the benefit of myself and the humanity!”

The world is waiting.


Tap into your psychic abilities.  Make spirit team your besties.

Meet others who are walking the same spiritual journey.

Here’s to all women who are ready to trust themselves, make sense of their gifts, and be modern day psychics.

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